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The roof of a MINI isn’t just a roof. It’s a blank canvas. A clean slate to be made your own. Personalization is a huge part of MINI culture, so the goal of the roofstudio banners was to create tools where MINI enthusiasts could both create and show off their roof designs. Banners let you design something truly original with creative tools borrowed from our childhood. In the Spin banner, users create their personalized roof using spin art. In the Peg banner, users create their personalized roof using Lite-Brite pegs. And the Spirograph banner lets you draw with gears. Once designed, you can submit to – the ever-growing, ever-evolving gallery of MINI roofs. The banners also let you download your graphic in a special format you could bring to a sign company – they, in turn, could transform your roofstudio banner design into a real vinyl graphic you could have applied to your MINI’s roof.

Client Mini Cooper
Services Web Design, Art Direction, Campaign Development. Featured in ID Magazine and winner of multiple international awards.

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