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The Awakened Woman’s Guide to Everlasting Love is creating a love revolution. The publisher needed to a cover design that was incredibly approachable. Something that functioned as a, “first date” before getting into the deeply intimate text within. We went through several rounds of work, and always came back to this selected option because it nailed the strategy and was in line with the brand narrative we established up front.

Second, they needed a launch campaign to propel them to the top of Amazon’s rankings to ensure everyone had a chance to see the book exists. To do this we developed a series of ads to run on Amazon and Facebook and a series of sharable art distributed on Facebook to activate their fanbase.

The success was incredible. They sold thousands of copies on the first day and propelled to a #1 top seller a #1 new release on Amazon and #2 in the Love and Romance category.

Client Sacred Existance
Services Cover Design, Brand Narrative, Launch campaign

Rahul is the perfect combination between true artist and disciplined business professional. It’s hard to find a creative who excels in both areas—and Rahul does. When he takes on a project, he makes it his personal mission to succeed. I hope I have the privilege of working with Rahul for the rest of my life.”

– Justin Patrick Pierce, CEO Sacred Existence

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