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An Open Letter To Potential Clients from an Existing Client:

There is a challenge at the heart of marketing and branding:

We want our marketing to be completely true to who we are as a company, but also deeply attractive to our customers.

Every graphic designer, creative agency, or marketing partner I’ve ever worked with has done their best to navigate this challenge. But at its core, it is an impossible challenge to overcome – there is always some compromise in either direction, towards either mass appeal or personal preference.

Rahul is an artist of the impossible. He solves the insoluble problem of marketing.

From his first presentation of his design for my company’s logo, I knew that he was it – a once-in-a-lifetime find. The logo captured the essence of everthing we stand for, our truest aesthetic, and everything our customers want. The holy grail of branding turned out to be very real.

We immediately rehired him for website design and marketing consultation, and each result has truly been more spectacular than the last – to say nothing of the profits.

I plan on continuing to partner with Rahul for as long as I continue doing business. It would be insane not to.

– David Burns, CEO of The Business Monk

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